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About Sports nets in chennai

We all love to play different kinds of sports, isn’t it?. But you must also make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions to prevent any injury or damage.
Sports like Volleyball, Cricket, Football, etc., give you more positive energy but if the ball always goes outside or falls into some other area, they will scold us. To avoid all these things, we need a proper solution.
Here, Mahi Enterprises will help you to present any mishaps while playing any sport, then Mahi enterprise nets will surely help you to get the best quality custom sports netting at affordable prices. Our nets undergo several quality checks which ensure that only the best and most durable ones are provided to you.
Whether you are going to play Football, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball or Cricket, are excellent quality sports nets will surely allow you to play more safety without any worry.

Why our Sports nets in Chennai

  • Fixing high quality balcony safety nets with 100% replacement
  • In-Depth Explanation about the types of nets
  • Warranty certificate for 8 years
  • problem solving with in short time
  • Special sessions on Estimations of net prices
  • Provides best balcony safety nets
  • Free Transport 
  • Fast Response
  • Regular Check-up on work
  • Free Installation
  • Real-Time work process videos
  • Experienced works
  • 24/7 support

Price for Sports nets

18 Sq.ft
  • Free Inspection
  • Free Installation
  • Free Warranty

Why our service

  • We Providing Quality safety nets
  • Free Estimation
  • Fast Installation
  • Experienced Workers
  • 8 years warranty 
  • Get 30% Off on First Booking
  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% Replacement on Damaged Nets

Our Clients FAQ'S

We have Professional Installers Which have 6+ years Experience in fixing the Balcony safety nets chennai.

Yes, there are two types of discounts, one is referal Discount and Online Booking Discount. Referal Discount means when ever your some refers our service we will provide you discount, Online Discount means you have to book online for the service.

Yes, Mahi Enterprises Provides 8+ years Warranty and Free Installation for Old Customers.

We Can Repalce the full net with free off cost.

Our Customer Reviews

Mahi Enterprises is best for sports nets they provide good quality nets, i purchased net from them with good quality 



If you are looking for the best sports nets like shuttle, cricket practising nets, tennis nets i strongly refers mahi enterprises because they are proving with best quality and services 


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