Duct Area Safety Nets


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About duct area safety nets

Ducts areas are the places between two blocks of the building. Where there is scope for birds to stay there and dirtying all the premises which will make you feel discomfort and some times due to pigeon me cane you will get lung-related diseases.

To avoid all those problems, Mahi Enterprises is providing Duct area nets to taking care of securing two blocks of building in an apartment. Mahi enterprises nets have too long experience in providing these services with excellent quality services.

Why our duct area safety nets chennai

  • Fixing high quality balcony safety nets with 100% replacement
  • In-Depth Explanation about the types of nets
  • Warranty certificate for 8 years
  • problem solving with in short time
  • Special sessions on Estimations of net prices
  • Provides best balcony safety nets
  • Free Transport 
  • Fast Response
  • Regular Check-up on work
  • Free Installation
  • Real-Time work process videos
  • Experienced works
  • 24/7 support

Price for Duct area safety nets

18 Sq.ft
  • Free Inspection
  • Free Installation
  • Free Warranty

Why our service

  • We Providing Quality safety nets
  • Free Estimation
  • Fast Installation
  • Experienced Workers
  • 8 years warranty 
  • Get 30% Off on First Booking
  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% Replacement on Damaged Nets

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Mahi Enterprises is offering best service for  the duct area safety nets, with the installation, and the quality of the products is better



The best quality of safety nets with fast installation, mahi enterprises is best for all the services you need 


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