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About childern safety nets in chennai

Children are assets of every family, they avoid all of your tensions and gives you genuine love and make you feel happy. But their life also is at risk if you are not using proper children’s safety nets.

Children’s safety is the most important aspect of every family. When we think of the balcony suddenly children’s safety comes into our mind.

We can’t avoid children playing in the balcony all the time, because they like to play games. Safety is a most important aspect of everyone’s life journey and that too, it is in your hands only to take the step to have safety nets at your balconies, empty spaces in between the stairs cases and any other open places which lead your child to face any unwanted situation will prevent. Most of the time, prevention is better than cure.

We can’t expect playgrounds at most of the apartments and we can’t force our children to not to play games at the balcony. It is our responsibility to perfect them and also to give their happiness to them by playing games at balconies.

For that Mahi Enterprises giving you an excellent solution by providing children safety nets. to protect your children fell happy by allowing them to play games at the balcony by providing children safety.

Don’t convert your assets into liabilities, just order children safety nets to have your assets(children) with you always. Be Happy.

Why our Childern safety nets in chennai

  • Fixing high quality balcony safety nets with 100% replacement
  • In-Depth Explanation about the types of nets
  • Warranty certificate for 8 years
  • problem solving with in short time
  • Special sessions on Estimations of net prices
  • Provides best balcony safety nets
  • Free Transport 
  • Fast Response
  • Regular Check-up on work
  • Free Installation
  • Real-Time work process videos
  • Experienced works
  • 24/7 support

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18 Sq.ft
  • Free Inspection
  • Free Installation
  • Free Warranty

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  • We Providing Quality safety nets
  • Free Estimation
  • Fast Installation
  • Experienced Workers
  • 8 years warranty 
  • Get 30% Off on First Booking
  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% Replacement on Damaged Nets

Our Clients FAQ'S

We have Professional Installers Which have 6+ years Experience in fixing the Balcony safety nets chennai.

Yes, there are two types of discounts, one is referal Discount and Online Booking Discount. Referal Discount means when ever your some refers our service we will provide you discount, Online Discount means you have to book online for the service.

Yes, Mahi Enterprises Provides 8+ years Warranty and Free Installation for Old Customers.

We Can Repalce the full net with free off cost.

Our Customer Reviews

Mahi Enterprises we so thank full to you, for your  fast service that you offers and i will refer my friends and families who needs the children safety nets .  



Now a days children safety is very important who are living in the apartments, while they are playing in the balcony, near swimming. For that i had searched for safety nets provider, one of my friend refers mahi enterprises is providing best quality nets, so  i contacted them for the safety nets, they received us nice and the service they offers is very good. 

Raja gopal


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