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Welcome to Mahi Enterprises, we are providing all types of Safety nets for all our clients from the past 3 years. We have clients From huge Companies, we provide Safety nets service across Nation with Quality.We are offering the professional work to serve you, our works have the 8 years experience in fixing the safety nets and we use quality materials which are made by the Lyon thread, Mahi enterprises offer you Free Installation with 6 years warranty where the other companies never offer you.

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balcony safety nets
balcony safety nets chennai

pigeons are coming to the balcony and making the balcony very dirty and worst. our balcony safety nets Chennai will focus to clear this problem with free installation is focused on making the safety nets to your balcony with quality and neat installation. we make sure you get all the features of the safety nets and you to get a warranty.

Children safety nets
Children safety nets

Children are assets of every family, they avoid all of your tensions and gives you genuine love and make you feel happy. But their life also is at risk if you are not using proper children safety nets.Children’s safety is the most important aspect of every family. When we think of the balcony suddenly children’s safety comes into our mind.

consturction safety nets
building construction safety nets

We are providing the best building construction safety nets in Chennai, we are offering different types of safety nets in Mahi enterprises. If the people are working at heights without safety while doing construction works, that will leads to a big accident. Get a call now for the best Building construction safety nets in Chennai

duct area safety nets
Duct area safety nets

Ducts areas are the places between two blocks of the building. Where there is scope for birds to stay there and dirtying all the premises which will make you feel discomfort and some times due to pigeon me cane you will get lung-related diseases.

cricket practice nets

We all love to play different kinds of sports, isn’t it?. But you must also make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions in order to prevent any injury or damage.
Sports like Volleyball, Cricket, Football, etc., 

pigeon safety nets
pigeon safety nets chennai

Birds especially like pigeons have become a health hazard and bird control a necessity. The menace of pigeons can be solved in a harmless manner without hurting them Mahi Enterprises serve as a well being Pigeon Nets Chennai to your children and family. 


Price for Safety Nets

18 Sq.ft
  • Free Inspection
  • Free Installation
  • Free Warranty

why our service

  • We Providing Quality safety nets
  • Free Estimation
  • Fast Installation
  • Experienced Workers
  • 8 years warranty 
  • Get 30% Off on First Booking
  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% Replacement on Damaged Nets
  • Vast Collection of Material
  • Most Durable Nets at very low prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Maintenance service avaliable


Mahi Enterprises is the best service for safety nets . mahesh provides the best Quality nets and I likes his way of Installation with in a short time of period.

Venu gopal reddy

If you want safety net service you should call Mahi Enterprises. Amazing Service and wonderful installation. They makes us Clean service

Yajjala Babji

quick service on emergency call - 24/7

Our Clients FAQ'S

We have Professional Installers Which have 6+ years Experience in fixing the Balcony safety nets chennai.

Yes, there are two types of discounts, one is referal Discount and Online Booking Discount. Referal Discount means when ever your some refers our service we will provide you discount, Online Discount means you have to book online for the service.

Yes, Mahi Enterprises Provides 8+ years Warranty and Free Installation for Old Customers.

We Can Repalce the full net with free off cost.